Jelena Radulovic, Marketing Director

Jelena Radulovic is originally from Montenegro. She spent 8 years of her childhood in Klagenfurt, Austria until she moved to Deerfield Beach, Florida. She speaks Serbian, German, and English fluently and is learning Spanish and Italian. Jelena moved to Miami for University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Operations from the University of Miami. Her career has been in various Management and Marketing positions for all types of companies throughout Miami. She decided to become an Entrepreneur when she opened her own Destination Management Company and worked with the Eastern European Tourists who traveled to the US and the Caribbean. She is also a successful entrepreneur with her own Jewelry Line. In her personal life, Jelena’s passions are playing Padel, traveling to new places, and being in love with her children. She is currently leading our Marketing and Business Development Department as our Marketing Director.

Jelena can be reached by email at [email protected]