Basic Overview of Business Immigration Options

Companies that want to establish and expand their offices in the Unites States have several options for dealing with their immigration needs. What follows is a brief overview of the options…Read More

Which Visa is the Best Choice When Starting a Business in the US?

When coming to the US to open a business, foreign nationals face a choice of which type of visa will best serve their needs, the E-2 visa (for investors from Treaty Countries) or the L-1A visa…Read More

Basic Overview of The U.S. Immigration System

There are Five Major Status Categories for Individuals in the USA:

1.Non-Immigrant Visas – temporary
2.Immigrant Visas – lawful permanent residents (green card holders)
3.Asylees – Asylum and refugee status holders
5.Undocumented – illegal immigrants

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Electronic Retrieval of Arrival-Departure Record, Form I-94, for Nonimmigrant Visitors

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